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The Pitter Patter of Little Feet Coming to My House : O


First of all let me say I am NOT,  I repeat NOT pregnant,  let's just get that out of the way right now.

Second:  Shame on any one of you that read the title of the post and even considered thinking I was pregnant (Hello Dana!)  It is not that having more kids is out of the question, it is just that,  well, umm, yeah......that is a whole other blog topic.

Third:  Triple shame on anyone who thought I was referring to one of my daughters!  Log out now and go say 10 Our Father's for even letting your mind go there.

Just to be clear let's refresh,  Julia is NOT pregnant,  Claire is NOT pregnant, Paige is NOT pregnant.

The little feet I am referring to are these little feet:                                                                                 


And they belong to this little kitten:


Meet Pawlanka!  (and yes, we will get to the name later)  Yeah I know,  I needed another cat like I need a hole in the head!  Like I have any extra time or attention to give out right now.   Now I am up to 3 cats plus one loaner cat.  But who could resist that sweet little face?  

Actually I am blaming the whole thing on my sister Michelle.  It is like there is some secret code among all cats that if you are lost, hungry, sick or just need a good home just go to Michelle's house and she will take you in, feed you, take you to the vet and spend oodles of money on you and find you a home.   This has to be at least the 8th cat she has found in her yard and she is starting to use me as as the overflow cat shelter.  (That's right Michelle,  I am on to you!)  I swear she has bionic ears and can hear a kitten meow from four blocks away.  This is the second time I have ended up with a cat because Michelle went outside to smoke a cigarette and heard a kitty crying.   The first time it happened I ended up with Ringo:


I named him Ringo just because I liked the name, not because of some fanatical fascination with the fab four.  In fact,  I really don't even like the Beatles,  there I said it!  I don't think they are all they are cracked up to be.  (Although many of the Lennon/McCartney lyrics are awesome)  I figured, what the heck, I am starting a new life, living in a new house, might as well have a new pet and best of all my girls loved him.  Ringo is a solitary cat.  He hides when someone comes to the door, does not require a lot of attention and was just what the doctor ordered for me at the time.  All was well with me and Ringo doing our thing and living our lives.........for about a month.   Then Maxine showed up on my front porch.


Maxine, named after the cartoon character Maxine because, well,  there is no nice way to say it,  Maxine is crabby.   She is everything Ringo is not; demanding, aggressive and just plain ornery at times.   But she needed a home and well two cats isn't so bad is it?  And I swore that would be the limit, no more than two cats.

Then came John.   John is the neighborhood stray that lives in my chicken coop (Yes, I have a chicken coop in my yard,  but no chickens)  He is way to old and wild to take in my house, in fact, he runs away most of the time so I cannot even get a picture of him.  I have seen John all over the neighborhood, so I am sure he is mooching kit-n-kaboodle from several different households, and I am pretty sure he is my baby kitty daddy.

Georgia is the loaner cat.  IMG_7595-georgia-for-web

 She actually belongs to my daughter Claire and was supposed to go back to College with her this fall but that didn't work out so I broke my no more than 2 cats rule and took her in.   Georgia, named for a song by Claire's favorite musician John Mayer,is the lovey one.  Always up for an ear scratch or belly rub, she is the first one to curl up on your lap when you sit down.  Affectionate Georgia.  I have to keep reminding myself that she is only here temporarily but it isn't working,  I am already attached.

So a couple of weeks ago, when Michelle called me and I could only here tiny little meows on the other end of the phone I didn't think twice before blurting out "I am on my way" before Michelle could even say I found another cat.   So much for the 2 cat rule.  Little did I know what I was getting myself into.  It has been 14 years since I have had a little one in my house and I forgot just how much work they were.   The veterinarian guessed her to be about 3 weeks old ( that is way too young for a kitten to be away from it's momma) so she required eyedropper feedings of some very smelly synthetic kitty milk every three hours.  That meant toting Pawlanka and all her belongings (including a 3 x 2 foot kennel) to Michelle's house every time I was going to be gone for more than a couple of hours.  As it turns out, Pawlanka has some health issues and I might be the only person in the world with a hypoglycemic cat that requires special kitty glucose twice a day.   Needless to say four weeks into this adventure Pawlanka, after 2 comas, one life saving heroic mouth to mouth resuscitation by my sister-in-law Noni, a couple of trips to the vet, 3 shots, 6 cans of powdered synthetic kitty milk, 60 doses of glucose, one call from the vet saying he didn't want to euthanize her because she is going to die in a half hour, tons of tears, and countless hours of amusement Pawlanka has grown and is thriving.   So much so that she has torn up one pair of sheer curtains, 1 shower curtain and has discovered that the other cats are afraid of her and will run every time she goes into attack mode.  I cannot wait till she is old enough to be de-clawed, believe me, my legs have the battle scars to show it.  

It always amazes me the lengths people will go to for their pets and I am no exception.   The love shown to an animal is always given back 3 fold.  But 4 cats?   Even as I type this visions of turning into an old spinster with 30 cats is coming to mind.  Obviously my daughter Claire has had this vision of me too because she gave me a speech about not turning into a cat hoarder.  (Does she realize that one of these cats is hers?)  Not to fear Claire, I took a face book quiz on what type of old lady I am going to turn out to be and it said I would end up the old lady pinching butts in the nursing home.  Not some crazy cat lady. If face book said it, it must be true.  Besides, Michelle has been given strict instructions not to call me the next time she finds a cat in her yard.

So now the rule has changed to no more than three cats plus one loaner cat.   Four cats total isn't so bad is it?   If you don't mind I am going to go take a cat nap (pun intended) while you ponder that question.

Big Hugs,



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