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My Life by the Numbers........

As I was driving to work a few weeks back my poor old car turned 200,000 miles.   So as I was saying my 9 Hail Mary's and 1 Our Father and asking God to let my poor old Billie (Yes I name my vehicles) to make it until I graduate from Nursing School it got me thinking about the day I drove it off the lot when the odometer had exactly 23 miles on it, most of them from me test driving it.  That  lead me to think about all the changes my life has gone trough since I bought Billie nine years ago, especially the unexpected and life changing events my life has gone through in the last four years.  So here it is, for the official record, my life by the numbers:

Current Mileage on Billie:  203527


IMG_7602 - Odometer 2

Payments Left on Billie:   NONE, you gotta love a paid for car!

Number of Houses lived in last 10 years:  3

Miles to work one way:  53

Average Hours worked a week:  24

Average hourly wage:  pitiful

Average Credit Hours carried per semester (including summer school):  9

Hours spent studying:  A lot

Flashcards made:  750

Number of steps shown on my pedometer:  14256  (all from a sloooooow Sunday Night shift)

Number of sit ups I did yesterday:  27.  Uhhhg,  I am never going to make my goal of 50 a day.

Number of times I have eaten alone:  Too Many

Number of times I have been out with friends in the last 2 months:  4

Number of times that has happened in the last 17 years:  2,  that behavior simply was not allowed.

Amount of Money spent going out with friends:  $23.00

Alcoholic Beverages consumed while out with friends:  5

Bahama Mama limit:  2 in one night and I feel good,  3 in one night and I fall off my bar stool.  Trust me I have tested this.

Number of times I have been surfaced or sh*tfaced depending on who you are:  1  (Hi Kel!)

Number of houses rehabbed with the help of my family:  1

Hours spent painting said house:  25

Paint Chips collected before painting:  92

Pairs of pants ruined while painting:  8

Bedroom Doors left to paint:  3

Sheets of drywall hung by myself: 1

Indebitness to my family for their help with this house:  I can never repay it.

Number of Moles killed in my yard last summer:  4

Number of moles left to kill:  probably hundreds

Facebook Friends I have never met:  19  (Stupid Mafia Wars)

Number of little kids I have stuck a sharp instrument into:  Thousands

Number of Cats currently residing in my house:  4   




Number of Cats I own:  3  (one is a loaner cat)  


Hair Color:   Garnier #366 - Deep Burgundy Brown

Gall Bladders removed:  1

Cell Phones Destroyed: 1

Cell Phones that died on their own:  1

Number of Hours spent reading the Manual for my IPhone:  6

Number of Mis-dials & mis-texts on IPhone:  300, if not more.  Sorry guys, someday I will get he hang of this phone.

Number of Songs on my IPhone:  765 (including 67 Beatles songs that I have hidden)

Number of Eric Clapton Songs on my IPhone:  104

Number of most played song on my I phone:  17  (Dire Straits, Sultans of Swing in case you were wondering.)

Number of my own kids I saw graduate from High School and leave for college:  1  : (

Number of my own kids left in highschool:  1  :(

Number of Days till my 44th Birthday:  35  (all gifts accepted, especially those that involve food or a pool boy named Enrique)

Dress Size:  6.   The smallest since the pre-pregnancy days.  :)

Weight:  You didn't really think I was going to post that on the internet did you?

Number of bulbs planted in my yard last fall: 75

Number of bulbs that bloomed:  70,  not bad for a newbie gardener huh?

Number of pictures I have taken with my not so new anymore but still beloved camera:  7602

Tears cried:  Trillions

Belly Laughs:  Thousands, but I am looking to increase that number!

Making new friends, reconnecting with old friends and family members while rediscovering who you really are instead of trying to live up to others definition of who you should be:


Friend strip

Big Hugs,



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